Steeped in culture and heritage, the town of Breckenridge provides a unique mix of creative opportunities for people of all ages and interests. Generations of artists, makers, musicians and writers have chosen to live in or visit this beautiful Rocky Mountain destination, its inspiration reflected in their work. Through visual and performing arts, heritage and museum activities, craft education, culinary and healing arts, design, film and literature, the community offers a scenic mountain environment with diverse opportunities for individual self-expression and cultural exploration.

At the core of the Breckenridge creative community are a number of long-standing cultural organizations, including: Breckenridge Backstage Theatre, Breckenridge Film Festival, Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Breckenridge Music and National Repertory Orchestra.

Established in 2014, Breckenridge Creative Arts (BCA)—or BreckCreate for short—was developed by the Town of Breckenridge to support and promote arts, culture and creative experiences throughout Breckenridge. This multidisciplinary nonprofit organization is responsible for the successful management of a series of programs, properties and partnerships that collectively animate and populate a cultural corridor in the heart of downtown Breckenridge. From quality performing and visual arts to the development of one of the region’s newest arts districts, Breckenridge Creative Arts is a transformative force for Breckenridge and the greater Summit County community.

BCA leads the creative economic development of the Town of Breckenridge by:

  • Cultivating the town’s cultural assets and promoting the community as a leading year-round creative destination
  • Supporting and collaborating with local artists, organizations and businesses that are mission-aligned and foster mutually beneficial relationships
  • Maintaining exceptional venues for resident companies, special event partners, promoters and rental groups
  • Presenting high-quality performing arts events and visual arts exhibitions
  • Providing education and community engagement opportunities with a focus on art-making experiences and opportunities for creative play
  • Curating and organizing public art projects, culture walks, studio visits and residency programs

It is BCA’s hope that, amidst the stunning vistas and spectacular landscape of Breckenridge, visitors and residents will find an interdisciplinary arts environment allowing them to exchange ideas and find collaboration and inspiration in the most unique of places.


Our vision is to see Breckenridge as a world-leading creative destination.


Our mission is to promote Breckenridge as a vibrant, creative destination by delivering inspiring experiences that enrich our community and visitors.


To achieve our vision and mission we are guided by the following values:

  • Excellence and relevance
  • Engagement and interactivity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Collaboration, cooperation and communication
  • Respect for our natural and cultural environment

Scope + Focus

As a place-based arts and cultural nonprofit, Breckenridge Creative Arts (BCA) builds vibrancy using three strategies: creative placemaking, community ownership and social impact. We support and serve artists, creatives, cultural enthusiasts, tourists and the community by providing a year-round schedule of performances, exhibitions, screenings, classes, workshops and other engagement opportunities within the five cultural facilities that BCA manages and operates, as well as in public gathering spaces throughout Breckenridge.

In support of its mission, BCA curates ideas, spaces and talent to enable artistic visions and creative collaborations to flourish. As a multidisciplinary organization, BCA presents work that cuts across music, dance, film, spoken word, literary and visual arts, education, and the creative and technology sectors.

Core program activities offered by BCA include:

  • Fine Art + Studio Craft Curriculum: A program that focuses on year-round education and enrichment on the Breckenridge Arts District campus, including classes, workshops and open studios in media such as painting, textiles, ceramics, metalwork and more.
  • Artist-in-Residence: A program that offers regional, national and international artists of all disciplines an opportunity to focus on process rather than product while engaging with the local community in a meaningful way. Additionally, BCA offers affordable studio space to local artists.
  • BCA Presents: A program of ticketed concerts, lectures and performances with regional, national and international talent.
  • BCA Curates: A program of temporary installations, interventions and art happenings within the Breckenridge Arts District and other public spaces. It includes the acquisition, conservation and preservation of the growing Town of Breckenridge public art collection, as well as festivals, exhibitions and special events that feature curated content.

In addition to our self-produced and presented programs, BCA serves as an umbrella and advocacy organization, working to leverage and grow artistic and creative assets and resources throughout Breckenridge. In order to involve the community comprehensively in our mission and draw on the strengths of our peer creative community, we frequently collaborate with local artists, organizations and businesses who offer relevant programming, services and support. Our growing community-based alliances foster diversity, inclusion and growth.

With an emphasis on authenticity, culture and singularity of place, all BCA programs and partnerships are designed to promote community-building, placemaking and economic development in Breckenridge.


Bob Lowe, Chair
Debra Fox, Vice Chair
Kenneth Nelson, Secretary + Treasurer
Michelle Bushey
Lindsay Eland
Amy Evans
Gary Gallagher, Council Representative
Rick Holman, Ex-Officio
Roger Ogden
Susan Propper
David Rossi


Dennis Lucero, Senior Director of Operations + Guest Experience – Interim Executive Director
Susan Lyon, Senior Director of Finance + Administration
Nicole Dial-Kay, Senior Director of Arts + Programming
Ken Miller, Director of Events + Production
Andy Bennett, Production + Technical Services Manager
Liz Mullen, Ticketing Services Manager
Mallorie Werts, Ticket Services Assistant Manager
Mike Pasquarella, Venue + Event Services Manager
Chris Hosbach, Facilities Manager + Lead Preparator
Greg Bushey, Manager of Education
Andrea Edwards, Programs Coordinator
Susan Jurgensmeier, Ticket Office Attendant
Gwen Goodenbour, Studio Assistant
Sandra Malak, House Manager
Melissa Michel, Studio Assistant
Stevie Morrison, Studio Assistant
Paige P. Scheuermann, Studio Assistant

Instructors + Studio Techs

Ceramics: Greg Bushey, Erika Donaghy, Melissa Michel, Sinjin McNicholl, + Kia Niell 
Date Night: Elisa Gomez, Melissa Michel + Darby Richards
Drawing + Painting: Amy Evans, Elisa Gomez + Emily Wahl
Hot Shop: Louis Bibeau, Dylan Burdine, Jared Clauer, Johnny Fetchko, Sharon Speedy, Kerri Anne Stassen
Mountain Crafts + Skills: Erica Ragusa
Woodworking: Paul Rosenbeck
Youth Programs: Sonya Dalrymple, Karen Fischer, Kia Neill, + Paige P. Scheuermann


Caroline Chlipala
Marie Dubois
Alyssa Giger
Carol Kelly
Lo Mathews
Joyce Mueller
Rita Neubauer
Maureen Shields
Sharon Smith
Ann Swain
Jane Tarlow
Wendy Wilkerson

Credits + Consultants

Knightley Design
Design + Publications

Fresh Consulting
Website Development

Digital Marketing Services

Public Relations

Erica M. Davis
Content Writer

Carl Scofield Photography
Jenise Jensen Photography
Joe Kusumoto Photography
Liam Doran Photography

Ford Fisher Productions

House of Signs
Sign Language XL

Peczuh Printing

Lisa Gamber, CPA
Accounting Services

Ayako D. Saito, CPA, PLLC
Auditor + Tax Advisor

Management Team

Dennis Lucero, Senior Director of Operations + Guest Experience – Interim Executive Director | 970 453 3187 ext 4

Dennis is responsible for managing day-to-day operations for BCA and creating a seamless guest experience for patrons. In this capacity, he oversees facility operations, IT and systems, technical production, event logistics, security, safety and building projects. In addition, Dennis oversees all ticketing operations and services, including event ticketing, class registration and customer service for both self-presented programs as well as other events within BCA facilities. With a focus on enhanced guest service, Dennis directs a unified and personalized customer experience across all channels of BCA’s business strategy


Andy Bennett, Production + Technical Services Manager | 970 453 3187 ext 6

Andy is responsible for managing technical operations and services within BCA’s portfolio of programs and venues, including the oversight of design and structural needs, stage operations, equipment maintenance and upgrades, and onsite artist support. He works closely with artists and production staff from resident and visiting companies to advance and manage all technical aspects for performances, installations, exhibitions, screenings and new media projects throughout BCA-managed facilities and ensures the successful execution of all technical production requirements

Nicole Dial-Kay, Senior Director of Arts + Programming | 970 547 3116 ext 2

Nicole is responsible for managing a wide range of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programs and activities, including: exhibitions, festivals, special events, public art initiatives and placemaking projects. As part of the curatorial team, she guides the conceptualization, planning and execution of a series of events, installations and interventions employing visual art, performance, film, digital media and social practice, while also being responsible for the reporting and maintenance of BCA’s Creative District designation.

Susan-WebSusan Lyon, Senior Director of Finance + Administration | 970 453 3187 ext 5

Susan is responsible for managing BCA’s business operations, including financial, human resource, risk management, legal and administrative activities. In this capacity, she maintains accountability for understanding, interpreting, implementing and ensuring compliance with all administrative, fiscal and operational policies, procedures and guidelines of BCA. In addition, Susan works to cultivate an organizational culture of shared financial management, develops tools for forecasting and scenario planning, and brings financial perspective to strategic decisions.

ken-webKen Miller, Director of Events + Production | 970 453 3187 ext 3

Ken is responsible for managing production operations for a wide range of BCA programs and activities, including festivals, exhibitions and special events taking place in a variety of venues and public spaces. In this capacity, he directs event communications, logistics and on-site production support; oversees technical operations in BCA-managed facilities; and plans for ongoing capital improvements related to the cultural assets managed by the organization. In addition to liaising with town and community representatives on infrastructure needs, Ken works closely with resident and visiting companies on all production elements to ensure successful event execution.

Liz Mullen, Ticketing Services Manager | 970 547 3100 

Liz is responsible for managing ticketing operations, systems administration, training and customer service for both BCA programs and partner events, while also providing data analysis, reporting and sales support. With a focus on guest relations, Liz and her team work to create a consistently positive experience for patrons and visitors in a manner consistent with BCA’s mission and brand.

Mike Pasquarella, Venue + Event Services Manager | 970 453 3187 ext 8

Mike is responsible for coordinating personnel and service requirements for BCA events and supporting activities, including managing front of house operations in all BCA facilities. With a focus on venue, guest and artist needs, Mike maintains core relationships with partner organizations, production labor providers, security and other associated vendors to ensure a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment for all patrons and visitors.

Contact Information


Ticket Office 


Arts District

Breckenridge Creative Arts
150 West Adams Avenue
Post Office Box 4269
Breckenridge, CO 80424
970 453 3187
  150 West Adams Avenue
Post Office Box 4269
Breckenridge, CO 80424
970 547 3100
  150 West Adams Avenue
Post Office Box 4269
Breckenridge, CO 80424
970 547 3100

September – May
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Tuesday – Friday

June – August
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Monday – Saturday

* Hours are subject to change