The Second City ->FEB 18

About The Second City

Rooted in the groundbreaking improvisational games of Viola Spolin, The Second
City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959, and a comedy
revolution began. The small cabaret theater has grown to become the most influential
and prolific comedy empire in the world, developing an entirely unique way of creating
art and fostering generation after generation of superstars.

About the show

It’s love at first laugh with The Second City! Bring your partner, lover, significant other, spouse, friend with benefits, friend with EXTRA benefits, platonic BFF, or your spectacularly single self to The Second City Swipes Right: An Incomplete Guide to The Ultimate Date Night, the brand-new experience you’ve been aching for. Spend a naughty 90 minutes with our caliente cast of comedians as they (consensually) annihilate everything that turns us on—and off—about love, dating, relationships, and everything else in-between the sheets!