The Travelers + The Birds

The Travelers (Les Voyageurs) and The Birds (Les Oiseaux) are ethereal, illuminated artworks created from sculpted wire. Sitting on roofs, perched in trees or suspended in the air, the human and bird forms react to their environment and create a subtle link between the earth and sky, between dreams and reality.

Cédric Le Borgne is a French artist who creates incredible illuminated sculptures using chicken wire. The figures are often installed in highly visible public places, suspended in the air in parks or in busy urban centers. Le Borgne invites everyone to view daily life in a fresh way. By abolishing barriers, his work of exploring spaces is sensitive, his poetry subtly interacts with each place it comments upon. From sculptures to photo or video, from perennial installations to spontaneous performance, from street-art to web-art, his work is free of formal constraints.

Presented by Breckenridge Creative Arts, in partnership with Town of Breckenridge.