Tension lures the visitor into a maze of neon mystically bent into dangling “ropes” of illuminated glass. The glowing cables defy the physics of their medium and appear to loosely hang on mechanical pulley systems, evocative of machinery used in the mining era of Summit County. Scott Young’s work confuses the senses and invites us to question what in our life appears vital and warm, but secretly possesses a tenuous fragility that only survives through devoted care.

Conceptual artist Scott Young works in a variety of new media including video and installation, but his primary focus is neon-based artwork. His piece “Wish You Were Here” (which also reads “Wish You Were Her”) previously graced the top of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. His critically acclaimed exhibition Gas Light Love Bomb was the inaugural exhibition for K Contemporary and set the stage for the gallery’s immersive solo exhibition style.

This exhibition is part of WAVE: Light + Water + Sound from May 30–Jun 2, 2019. 

Photos by Liam Doran, Jenise Jensen and Carl Scofield