Altered Ground by Steve Hilton

Altered Ground by Steve Hilton
Where: Gallery@OMH | Old Masonic Hall 
When: Aug 12-28 
Cost: FREE  

Clay artist and geologist Steve Hilton investigates anomalies in the Earth’s surface through large-sale, process-based installations. Altered Ground uses unfired clay marbles to create an undulating topography that functions simultaneously as abstract sculpture and as a microcosm of Breckenridge’s extractive history. Collectively, the marbles produce a landscape reminiscent of mine tailings, mountains, rivers and other geologic features altered by resource extraction. An ongoing artwork, visitors are encouraged to roll marbles and add them to the composition. The title refers to both the visible and invisible results of climate change, natural resource depletion, water pollution and habitat destruction, while the cumulative art-making process references the need for collective action in addressing environmental issues.  

Gallery@OMH (2nd Floor) 
Tuesday + Wednesday 3pm-8pm 
Thursday – Saturday 9am-8pm 
Sunday 10am- 5pm