Secret Love Collective: Anniversary

Secret Love Collective: Katy Batsel, Lares Feliciano, Colby Graham, Gwendolyn Lassen, Piper Rose, Frankie Toan, Genevieve Waller, Katy Zimmerman and Lauren Zwicky

Secret Love Collective was born in early 2017 out of a desire to connect and create worlds that do not yet exist. Based in Denver, the collective is a changing, growing, malleable group of artists and creative folk who live DIY lives, genders, sexes, and bodies, and possess many cultural, sexual, gendered and artistic identities. In this exhibition, Secret Love has compiled objects and images from completed events, performances and projects in a site-specific installation that celebrates Breck Pride Week, March 7-11, 2018.

The “Anniversary” they celebrate is their own first year together, Breckenridge’s second annual Pride and LGBTQ+ lives that don’t always include traditional trajectories, milestones or commemorations.

Exhibitions-Related Events:
Opening Reception + Breck Pride Kick-Off Party
Mar 7, 7–9pm | Gallery@BRK

Tell Your Secrets: Secrets Faire
March 10 + 11, 2pm | Gallery@BRK + Robert Whyte House
In partnership with Breck Pride Week, Secret Love Collective hosts a “Tell Your Secrets: Secrets Faire” on the Arts District campus.  Audiences can tell their secrets and stories through embroidery, karaoke, dress-up, self-portraiture, and more. Artists will work with participants to explore their own experiences of thinking outside the usual boundaries of gender and sexuality. Bring your favorite costume accessories and your sketchbook!