Like Tears Washed Away By Rain

Like Tears Washed Away By Rain, taking place at the Old Masonic Hall opening June 1-July 12, featuring the work of artist Eileen Roscina.

Breck Create is proud to bring Eileen Roscina to the Old Masonic Hall for the first time. Like Tears Washed Away By Rain is an installation of pressed flowers and mirrors in the front lobby of the Old Masonic Hall Gallery. 

“Growing a garden is the epitome of having hope for tomorrow. These hand pressed flowers act both as a garden and a memorial for all that we have lost this last year. With tears shed, washed away by rain—we now find ourselves emerging from a liminal space with a sense of alacrity—watering in our lives that which we want to see flourish.”

-Eileen Roscina, artist

Personal artist statement:

Disconnection from the environment fuels the myth that we are the most important entity on the planet. My creative practice challenges this fallacy by examining what nature can teach us about being human. I use pressed flowers, willow, mycelium, mirror and alternative film methods to raise the potential of realizing a radically different world where people, spirit and nature are irrevocably intertwined. Through metaphor, my artwork challenges the viewer to slow down, and shift perception into the present while gently drawing awareness to perception itself.

 My art practice often relies on spending hundreds of hours growing from seed or gathering organic materials in the wilderness that I use to make biotic material sculptures and experimental films. By manipulating celluloid film, abstraction in my analogue work paves the way for interpretation as a poetic act between the viewer and the screen. Sculpting hand-collected organic materials in concert with specialized industrial optics, I propose a radical re-evaluation of the natural world, our connection to it, and to one another.

 My artwork draws from observation of ecological forms and processes; animal architecture, the unexpected and often dramatic beauty in the smallest of cellular processes and the magic of decay. Generation and decomposition are part of my process, an inquiry into material ephemerality—and our own mortality. I aim to encourage an internal dialogue, and inspire a greater awareness of the benefits from connecting with nature.

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