Drip History Exhibit


The history reflected in this exhibit speaks to the changes that have occurred in the artist’s studio over time, reminiscent of an aging graffiti wall, and changes that have happened to us all that we see in nature and our communities. This painting has been moved to many studios as the main backdrop for the artists’ practice, lived in many cities, and reflects the wear and tear that happens over time. Change is continuous, and this piece reflects the history of how the artist moves through those changes. In order to complete this painting and the surrounding mural, the artist and BCA staff used many recycled paint samples from the artists’ studio to create an atmosphere full of gestures and texture in the Old Masonic Hall. Each mark and movement come from a piece of the artist and her studio.



Elisa Gomez (b. 1986) is a painter focusing on the landscape through the lens of abstract expressionism. Her bright, floral palettes are often at odds with her chosen texture and gesture, resulting in works that create space through spontaneous and chance encounters. Gomez received her BFA from the University of Utah in 2010 and her Masters in Art Advocacy in 2020. She has Gallery representation through Uprise Art, NY and Loft Gallery, Georgia.  Beaupre of Echo Arts – Sahra