Come meet and learn with visiting artist Lastasha Dunston.  In this class, Latasha will go over some basic watercolor painting concepts and explore painting different scenes around the area. As a group we will take some time being still and observing our surroundings, feelings, and presence in the space. The goal is to create beautiful artwork while exploring this question: How does being still and shifting perspectives change your perception of the scene and your connection to it over time?

Latasha Dunston


Per the Town of Breckenridge guidelines, our classes will be held outdoors.  Please be prepared to spend the duration of this class outside, keeping inclement weather conditions in mind. 

For the safety of our staff and patrons, all participants are required to wear a mask and to take a medical self-assessment at check-in.  Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes prior to class start for this updated registration process.