August 10, 2018 – August 19, 2018 all-day
Illinois Creek Trail

Edina Tokodi’s Yeti will exist deep in the forests of Breckenridge for the two weeks of the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts. A free-standing sculpture covered with living grass with a hole in place of the face, Tokodi was inspired by vintage American roadside attractions that featured interactive cutouts in which individuals could place their head inside and take photographs. The artist asks viewers to follow the legend of the yeti into the wild and respond to the playful call to participate as a means of engaging with our natural surroundings and the mysteries within.

Edina Tokodi is a Hungarian artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and uses plant material to create urban murals throughout the city. By incorporating plant life and other materials found in the local natural environment with photos or graphic elements, Edina’s installation works dissolve the barriers between private and public space, between the organic and inorganic elements of the urban landscape, and between nature and art. Her work advocates sustainable living and draws attention to the deficiency of nature in daily life.

Illinois Creek Trail | Click here for map 

Yeti is one of the featured environmental installation within the Trail Mix series, part of the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts, which runs Aug 10–19, 2017.