June 26, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Randall Barn
114 E
114 Lincoln Ave, Breckenridge, CO 80424
$40 / $30 for BCA Members
Enjoy the adventure of creating your own work of art each week while becoming familiar with the basic methods, techniques, and tools of oil painting on canvas. Create a new painting each week while learning to use a variety of oils, solvents, brushes and supports. Acquire skills in underpainting, scumbling, glazing, Impasto, Alla Prima, and Sfumato techniques.
Instructor: Tracy Bligh
For classes taking place on the Arts District campus, participants should check-in at Old Masonic Hall, 136 S. Main St., prior to class. 
May 8: Wet-on-Wet Cloud Painting: Create a cloud painting using wet-on-wet techniques. Learn how to form radiant, believable clouds by softly blending various paint tones.
May 15: Snowy Fox in the Woods – Impressionist Style: Using complimentary colors of orange and blue, create a soft Impressionist Style painting of a furry fox nestled in the snowy woods.
May 22: Painting Garden of the Gods with an Underpainting: Discuss the purpose of an underpainting. Paint beautiful rock formations under a bold blue sky using warm light and cool shadows to create rock forms.
May 29: Dillon Lake – Abstract Cubism Style!: Paint an abstract painting of Dillon Lake with horizontal, linear and diagonal breaks of bold colors to separate the sky, mountains, lake, trees and sailboats.
June 5: River Rock Study: Starting with an acrylic underpainting, add colorful, scumbled river rocks. Next use a wash to glaze over our rocky river bed to create the illusion of the rocks being immersed in water. (Note:
This project uses 2 mediums. First acrylic, then oil.)
June 12: The Great Sand Dunes National Park – O’Keefe Style: With the use of line, color and composition create a modern style painting of the The Great Sand Dunes similar to Georgia O’Keefe’s Modern Minimalist style seen in her New Mexico landscapes.
June 19: Larger Than Life Gestural Hand Study Painting: Sketch one or more “larger than life” gestural hand poses on a large canvas adding shadows. Block-in the background with a complementary color to make the hands become 3D.
June 26: Plein Air Two-Point Perspective Painting of the Breck Create Campus: Learn how to compose your image by using one, two and three-point perspective to create depth and dimension. Loosely paint in mountains, cabins, sidewalks, etc, focusing on light and strong shadows to create forms.
July 3: Mt. Baldy Sunset Painting-Impasto Style!: Create a colorful sunset painting of Mt. Baldy Impasto style using a thick application of paint to show texture and reflect light. 
July 10: Washington Street in Autumn – Large Landscape: Create a landscape scene of Washington St. First sketch in Peak 8 for the background, then add a few houses for perspective. Finally line Washington street with evergreen trees and golden Aspens. Paint your scene from back to front.
July 17: Larger Than Life Columbine Painting: Sketch large Columbine flowers to fill your canvas. Blend a variety of soft tints and shades to create depth and dimension on the Columbine petals and stems.
July 31: Plein Air of the Blue River across from the Riverwalk Center: We will pack up our canvases, palettes and easels and take a short stroll downtown to paint the Blue River (weather permitting).
August 7: Mayflower Gulch with Cabins -Expressionist Style: Create a loose painting which communicates visually the feeling of the massive rugged mountains and enduring cabins rather than painting them in great detail.