July 3, 2021 @ 8:30 pm
Colorado Mountain College - Parking Lot
107 Denison Placer Road
Breckenridge, CO 80424



Two sisters, played by Geena Davis and Lori Petty, join the first female professional baseball team. They must put their own growing rivalry aside to help with the success of the team, and to change the game forever.

Rated PG

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO TO THE DRIVE-IN MOVIE: Please review the following policies and procedures carefully so you are prepared to navigate this event, and understand the rules to keep yourself and everyone safe.


  • Your email confirmation is not your ticket. Tickets are attached to your confirmation email as a PDF file and must be downloaded.
  • Download your ticket to your digital wallet, OR print a copy of your ticket, OR save your PDF ticket on your phone, and have the barcode ready to display upon arrival to CMC. 
  • Ensure your phone’s screen brightness is all the way up.  This will help the scanners pick up the barcode.
  • Do not rely on a screenshot of your ticket, those do not scan well and will create issues.


  • The CMC parking lot will open at 7:30pm. Please do not arrive before then to avoid large backups on city streets. Follow signs to enter using the south-most parking lot entrance. The driveway closest to Coyne Valley Road is for EXIT ONLY.
  • You must arrive at or before 8:15pm. We will not allow entry to the parking lot after this time to ensure safety for our staff, and a timely start to the film.
  • Large pick-up trucks, vans, and SUV vehicles will be parked in the rear or along the sides of the parking lot. Any vehicle with a roof box will be parked in the back so we recommend removing those before arrival!
  • You may enjoy the film from a chair outside your vehicle, however your chairs must be within 6 feet of your vehicle and may not be placed in driving lanes
  • No engine idling. You may start your engine periodically to keep the battery fresh but run it for no more than one minute. BRING BLANKETS, as temps will drop fast once the sun sets. Ensure you turn your headlights completely off. It is not uncommon for car batteries to die during drive-in movies. Please be prepared. Staff will do their best to assist any stalled vehicles but cannot guarantee jumping your battery.
  • Once parked, you may not move your vehicle until directed to do so by staff.
  • No smoking in your vehicle. If you must smoke, please proceed to the smoking area at the event.
  • No food will be available on site, so come prepared with snacks.  Absolutely NO alcohol is allowed on CMC property as it is a dry campus.
  • In order to hear audio for the film, you will use your FM car radio. You will tune your radios to the station displayed on-screen. FM 91.9
  • Pack it in / pack it out. There will be minimal trash receptacles so please plan to take any garbage home with you in your vehicle. Please recycle and leave no trace!