The Blue Trees

Presented as one of the signature attractions in the inaugural Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA) in 2015, The Blue Trees is a project by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos that brings environmental consciousness and social action together in a uniquely beautiful and captivating public art installation.

In this internationally renowned event, a series of trees in downtown Breckenridge were temporarily colored with a water-based, environmentally safe, blue pigment, transforming the trees into sculpture. What was once taken for granted and unseen suddenly comes to the forefront of our attention and is the impetus for dialogue about global deforestation and its impact on world ecology. An ephemeral work, the striking ultramarine trees gradually reverted back to their natural state.

The Blue Trees is ultimately a worldwide effort. The Breckenridge installation extended and reinterpreted the original project launched in 2011 at the Vancouver Biennale.

Konstantin Dimopoulos //

Photos: Liam Doran