While in Breckenridge, Kamin’s goals are to grow closer to a zero waste studio and to create new work that widens the reach of her mission. She hopes to build a traveling Precious Plastic Machine for her studio and a large scale community project for the Breckenridge International Festival of Art. She is also interested in initiating solutions for local plastic waste issues. 

Artist, educator and advocate, Calder Kamin transforms trash into beautifully crafted creatures and opportunities to inspire others to be creative and courageous about the future. Nature’s endless ability to reuse and adapt motivates her to eliminate waste and reimagine it as art. She’s engaged hundreds of museum visitors through her public workshops and art projects. Kamin starred in an episode of the PBS series Arts In Context and two Disney Channel commercials sharing inspirational messages about creative reuse, and serves on the board of Austin Creative Reuse. She is the 2021-2022 Artist-in-Residence with Landmark Apartments and a 2022 Amon Carter Community Artist in Fort Worth, TX.  She holds a double Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute.


Humans transformed nature to make our lives more convenient, only to leave a massive mess for the next generation. What are the steps to solve this crisis? My contribution for radical change is to shift society’s perception of trash. 

Taking time to be still in nature, and observing bird behavior, had a profound impact on the materials I choose to use in my work. Nature’s endless ability to reuse and adapt motivates me to eliminate waste and reimagine it as sculpture, animations and installations for audiences of all ages. Like the scavenger animals I sculpt, I collect a variety of plastic bags and rubbish from my environment and extended community. I see these materials as a resource for developing beautiful textures such as fox fur, celestial skies, flower petals or even a 20-foot plastic bag whale tapestry. With only my hands, a crochet needle and hot-glue gun, I’ve encouraged others to change their lifestyle and be courageous and creative about our future. This is why I am dedicated to including interactions and workshops for my audiences wherever my art travels. Through art, education and an enduring optimism, I am out to empower others to see potential in by-product materials and themselves. 

Nature Never Wastes. That’s Why I Reuse!


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If you’re interested in learning more about the artist and her work, please visit https://www.calderkamin.com or follow her on Instagram and Twitter, @Calderful