Adrian H. Molina aka Molina Speaks

Mission: To unite the human spirit through the radical imagination. Creativity is the information superhighway to the Soul. 


While in Breckenridge, Molina will create 1-3 large canvases that incorporate Summit County residents’ creative works, while also creating a poetic record of his residency and all that he learns.  He hopes to meaningfully and authentically connect with Summit County residents through co-creative practices around themes of Cultural and Community Resilience, Radical Imagination, Sustainability, Surrealist Poetry, Collage, Metarealism, that will culminate in an experiential community event on Friday, March 18th.

Adrián H. Molina es maestro de ceremonias, artista, poeta, músico y educador. Su residencia incluye una serie de talleres experimentales en el condado de Summit con miembros de la comunidad local. Los participantes idean temas en colaboración para crear una obra de arte colectiva basada en el lugar. Las actividades incluyen escritura creativa, pintura y collage usando objetos encontrados.

Adrian H. Molina is a Master of Ceremonies, artist, poet, musician, and educator. His residency includes a series of experiential workshops across Summit County with members of the local community. Participants devise topics collaboratively to create a place-based, collective artwork. Activities include creative writing, painting, and collage using found objects. 


Feb 7 – Mar 23 | Final Presentation: Mar 19th @ 5pm


If you’re interested in learning more about the artist and his work, please visit or check out the links below:

“Indigenous Futurist Dreamscapes Lounge” at Meow Wolf Denver, Lead Artist and Project Manager (2021)

“Harvest of the Dreamer”, Untitled at the Denver Art Museum, Curator and Performance Artist (2019)

“Virtual Gift Basket: Socially Intimate While Physically Distant”, Warm Cookies of the Revolution, Co-Producer and Content Creator (2019)

Build 2020 Manifesto: A People’s
History of the Future (audio book mixtape 2011), Artist and Co-Producer

Discography 2008 – Present