Located in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County, Colorado, Breckenridge is one of the state’s most popular resort destinations. Known most for its ski resort, Breckenridge is an authentic mountain town with enough attractions to make it a worthwhile destination any time of the year.

Breckenridge’s rich history is full of gold finds and mining, exploration and adventure, brothels and saloons, booms and busts. Founded in 1859 by a small group of prospectors, the town’s Gold Rush brought droves of settlers seeking their fortunes. Though not all found gold, each discovered the beauty of the Ten Mile Range and the bounty of the landscape. Today, Breckenridge thrives not only as a leading destination for sports and recreation, but also as a vibrant community for arts, creativity, and cultural heritage.

Please visit the Breckenridge Tourism Office at GoBreck or call 800-Go-Breck (800-462-7325) for more information and to start planning your trip to Breckenridge today.