Belgian artist Tom Dekyvere is a rapidly rising star on the international light festival scene. His architectural light installations involve a large geometrical rhizome construction of rope and reflective triangles lit with multi-color LEDs. Consisting of over 10,000 feet of rope, the artwork will be installed just north of the Dredge Pond in downtown Breckenridge. Dekyvere’s public art practice explores the evolving and often unexpected bond between technology and the natural world. Polygonum 2.0 showcases the relationships between the organic and artificial structures specific to the landscape of the Breckenridge waterfront and the people who inhabit it.

Polygonum 2.0 is a featured installation at WAVE: Light + Water + Sound, an exhibition of cutting-edge works of contemporary public art presented from June 1–4, 2017. The free four-night festival features interactive artworks, temporary installations and performances in and around the Blue River Plaza in downtown Breckenridge, transforming the river, bridges and waterfront area into outdoor canvases, stages and exhibition spaces.

Funding for WAVE is generously provided by the Town of Breckenridge
Presented by Breckenridge Creative Arts
Polygonum 2.0 by Tom Dekyvere, commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art
Photo courtesy of Tom Dekyvere by Rick Harrison
During the last five years Tom Dekyvere (1985) has been exploring the deeper layers of reality and the human mind. Just as the alchemists of former times, he has been probing for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries and overlaps between nature and technology, between man and robot, between dead and living matter. His ever growing body of work keeps on moving, while constantly evolving. As a very young internationally acclaimed artist whose work combines strong visual appearance and contemporary time-based content he has been exhibiting in Europe, f.e Belgium and The Netherlands, but also in France, Portugal, Germany etc.. at Vivid Sydney Australia and next year in Scottsdale, Baltimore and Colorado (USA). Mostly his artwork is shown in public spaces, but lately also at art initiatives like Zebrastraat, Ghent (BE) and musea (f.e Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven).