December 1, 2017 – February 25, 2018 all-day

An exhibition of interactive artworks, featuring Jordan Knecht (Denver, CO) and Jonathan Mason (Madison, WI), that invites visitors to be the artists with the dynamism of silence and noise.

Gallery Hours: Mon–Thu, 12–8pm; Fri, 3–8pm; Sat, 9–5; Sun, Closed


Gallery@BRK, Breckenridge Theater, FREE
Film collective OFF Cinema explores sound in experimental film through an exhibition and series of film screenings.
Dec 11, 7–9pm: Mountain in Shadow
Jan 15, 7–9pm: Night Without Distance
Feb 12, 7–9pm: Fajr

Other Events:
Dec 1, 4–8pm     Opening Night + Artist Talk, FREE
Dec 2, 5–6pm     Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night | Blue River Plaza, FREE
Dec 3, 5–6pm     Inaugural Sound Performance | Gallery@OMH, FREE
Dec 16, 5–6pm   Insta Meta Phone Line | Gallery@OMH, FREE
Jan 18, 7–9pm    BREW | Breckenridge Theater, FREE
Feb 16, 7–8pm    Closing Sound Performance | Gallery@OMH, FREE