Material Matters is an exploration of found materials, drawing and collage. Sourcing from various piles of recycled papers, fabrics, magazines and photographs, we will create highly textured and layered collages. We will explore composition, repetition, color and intuitive ways of creating shapes. Beginning with collage as a foundation, the workshop will also explore various ways to incorporate marker, paint and line work. Come to create a piece of artwork for your wall, or postcards to send the people you love, and explore the creative possibilities in everyday materials. All materials are provided, but participants are encouraged to bring any items that may give their work a personal touch, like photos and old clothing. If there are miscellaneous materials you’d like to donate to the workshop, like old magazines, markers, paint, etc. please feel free to bring them along as well.

Participants must be 15 or older to participate. Materials, tools and equipment are included in the cost of the class.

Instructor: Visiting Artist-in-Residence, Sadie Sheldon.