Skin as canvas

What is it like to design for a human canvas?
One of the most important things about the design is placement. It needs to look as though it fits the body. It should have flow with the anatomy. You want the focal points to be in certain areas and less important parts of the image on areas that are less visible or may have difficulties in the healing process.

How do you take a customer’s idea and turn it into a design?
I try to take the idea from references and create as much uniqueness as I can. I prefer references that people bring to be actual photos of things instead of other people’s tattoos—that way my idea will come fresh instead of being filtered through another artist’s vision first.

How did you get your start as a tattoo artist?
A friend of mine took a drawing I did for her to a local tattoo shop. The owner asked her who did it and if I would be interested in tattooing. I met up with him with my drawing portfolio. He liked my art and when he asked when I’d like to start my apprenticeship, my answer was “yesterday.”

How would you describe your style?
My style has a very new school background but still borderlines on more illustrative. I try to do as many biomechanical tattoos as I can, and lots of color on as many as I can.

What is a biomechanical tattoo?
A biomechanical tattoo is derived from the art form created by H.R. Giger who made the art for the ‘Alien’ movies. Based from his anatomical and flowing designs, artists such as Aaron Cain, Grime, Guy Aitchison, and so many others brought the style into the tattoo world. It’s a style that flows with the anatomy of the body and fits almost as an exoskeleton.

How are tattoos a form of self-expression?
‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ as they say—and the tattoos on your body are a full story, like a timeline of your life. Whether or not that tattoo has a direct meaning, it marks

Chago Garcia, 33, is a resident tattoo artist at Godspeed Tattoo, located at 100 North Main Street in Breckenridge.
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Photos: Chago Garcia, Liam Doran