Mary Hart

Home: Breckenridge, Colorado for 22 years
Education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Penn State University
Why Breckenridge? The amazing community and mountain environment

Medium: Outside places
Latest project: Maryland Mountain Trail System in Black Hawk, Colorado
Favorite creative space: New places that require travel
Source of inspiration: Design clues from context, so that solutions are authentic to place
Creativity is: Finding a unique way to connect people to their place

Personal hero: He knows who he is.
Favorite book: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Favorite restaurant: Cuppa Joe for coffee and eggs
Song in your head right now: “Believe” by Mumford & Sons
Unique home or office decor: We have a 10-foot carved log in our backyard the previous owners of our house named “Nessy.”
Favorite movie: “Young Frankenstein” (My family knows every line.)
Favorite causes: Sustainability
Favorite way to spend free time: Summers mountain biking, winters skiing—up, down, sideways

What keeps you up at night? My ornery old cat, Louie
Pet peeve: Social media
First job: Lifeguard
First choice for a new career: Yoga
What do you do to recharge your batteries? Swedish Fish, and a second cup of coffee

Landscape architect Mary Hart aspires to create communities and places that are harmonious with the environment and authentically rooted to context. One of her projects was site planning and landscape design for the Breckenridge Arts District. She is originally from Fairport, New York.

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Photos: Liam Doran