Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston: Streets and Parks Manager, Town of Breckenridge

Home: Silverthorne, Colorado
Family: My lovely wife, Melissa; and Rex, our golden retriever
Education: North Carolina State University
Why Breckenridge? I love to ski; and I love the “real town” feel.

Medium: Wood and concrete
Latest project: The North Highway 9 median and roundabout landscaping project
Favorite creative space: Main Street before sunrise
Source of inspiration: Whitewater rapids
Creativity is: Best done with collaboration

Personal hero: My dad
Favorite book: “The Emerald Mile” by Kevin Fedarko
Favorite restaurant: Hearthstone
Song in your head right now: “Fire on the Mountain” by The Grateful Dead
Unique home or office decor: We have a 10-foot carved log in our backyard the previous owners of our house named “Nessy.”
Favorite movie: “Into the Wild”
Favorite causes: Habitat for Humanity
Favorite way to spend free time: Rafting

What keeps you up at night? Snow
Pet peeve: Not being accountable
First job: Construction
First choice for a new career: Rafting guide
What do you do to recharge your batteries? Camping

Mark Johnston, 43, came on board as streets and parks manager for the Town of Breckenridge in 2007. He is originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.