Kate Hudnut

Home: Frisco
Family: Husband John, daughter Charlotte (11), two 17-year-old cats
Education: Parsons School of Design, Paris, France (BFA); University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Lyme, CT
Why Breckenridge? I am a city girl who came to Breckenridge to visit my boyfriend “for a season” 24 years ago.

Medium: Graphic design
Latest project: BCA’s WAVE 2018 creative
Favorite creative space: Early morning walks in town—any town
Source of inspiration: Travel, near and far
Creativity is: The intersection of inspiration, procrastination, and a deadline

Personal hero: Frida Kahlo
Favorite book: “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway
Favorite restaurant: Park & Main
Song in your head right now: Title track from “Stranger Things”
Unique home or office decor: Fishers Island Sound Nautical Map
Favorite movie: “Out of Africa”
Favorite causes: The arts, education, and supporting local families
Favorite way to spend free time: Dinner parties with friends and family

What keeps you up at night? Old cat meowing
Pet peeve: A messy kitchen
First job: Florist
First choice for a new career: Travel writer, philanthropist
What do you do to recharge your batteries? Get outside; drink really strong espresso
Guilty pleasure: Cashmere scarves, binging on British crime series

Originally from Stonington, Connecticut, Kate Hudnut, 47, began studying fine art at the age of 8. Together she and her husband John founded GatherHouse, Inc in 2004.
GatherHouse // gatherhouse.com

Photos: Liam Doran