Erin Barry

Home: Frisco
Family: Parents John and Karen, sister Caroline
Education: Skidmore College, BA in studio art with a concentration in painting, printmaking and digital media Why Breckenridge? It’s beautiful! And I love to ski.

Medium: Printmaking
Latest project: A series of jigsaw reductive woodcut prints inspired by an interview with my 90-year-old grandmother reflecting on the landscape of Calabria, Italy, where she grew up
Favorite creative space: Randall Barn
Source of inspiration: The colors, textures and patterns of my everyday surroundings
Creativity is: Taking risks and trying new things, even if they fail

Personal hero: Helen Frankenthaler
Favorite book: “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom
Favorite restaurant: Anywhere that serves breakfast sandwiches
Song in your head right now: “Garden” by SZA
Unique home or office decor: A paua shell given to me by a close friend
Favorite movie: “American Beauty”
Favorite causes: Intersectional feminism
Favorite way to spend free time: Skiing and printing

What keeps you up at night? My roommates
Pet peeve: Poor communication
First job: Teacher assistant at Hillcrest Educational Center
First choice for a new career: Motion graphics designer
What do you do to recharge your batteries? Go on a run or drink coffee
Guilty pleasure: Pop music

Originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Erin Barry, 23, began printmaking and painting at age 16. Find her artwork at

Photo: Liam Doran