Andi Todaro is an incredibly versatile, multi-disciplinary, craftsman and award-winning creative professional, best known for their broad scale and range of practical and impractical knowledge and eccentric dress. Todaro pursues an ever-evolving skill set, fueled by perpetual desire for self-astonishment, be it mastery of a new computer program, mechanical know-how, scale, or experimental process. Their mantras of choice, “Everything must be effective, useful and beautiful.” and “Nothing earns truth by simply being what already appears to be.”

In their prolific career, Todaro has executed multiple projects in varying fields and capacities. Among them are: 5 murals, most recently at Denver Central Market and Meow Wolf Santa Fe; produced several magazines including the 5 issues of Illiterate and several zines/printed materials including, “Why my Penis is Bigger than Yours” and, “Cats, Sharks, Unicorns and Laserbeams Coloring Book; designed and built a permanent stained glass window for Finn’s Manor; made posters and several event installations for Communikey Festival over many years; developed and designed full-fledged brands for local and international clients; designed The Fountain Tarot; made animations for The Bellco Theater and Kent Denver School; sold 100’s of pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry, produced all of the content, costume and concept, and took the photographs for, several experimental selfies; engineered 6 drawing machines; participated in at least 75 short films and fashion shows as a model or actor; made work for 5 solo conventional exhibitions including: Order and Chaos, Crema, Denver. Micosmos, Crema, Denver. Nimitta, Groundswell Gallery, Denver. Five + Two = Yellow, Fancy Tiger, Denver; created a custom room at the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast called The Tower; taught a 8 week course in the Teen Lab at the Museum of Contemporary Art on absurdist thought and chaos; transposed artwork to textile for Awkwrd Clothing tights design and engineered a makeup display for Brows.

Todaro’s unique aptitude for absorbing, processing and implementing new knowledge is the eddy for deep emotional expression and an inherent compulsion to be productive, that begets digesting chaos along with a rich dream life, and metaphysical practice allows for a unique style of integration and deeper understanding of multiple interests in commercial art design, science, geometry, philosophy, astrology, mathematics, game theory, aesthetics, semiotics, social science and linguistics.

Todaro does 3 crosswords a day, and plays lots of video games.
Andi Todaro lives and works in Denver, Colorado and received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at University of Colorado at Boulder with an emphasis in Advertising and an accompanying Technology, Art and Media Certificate.